Max Kemper Through the ages

The story of our eponymous brand is one of resilience and excellence. Our company has evolved under family ownership in its founding location for 135 years, in a world that has been transformed many times over by chapters of history, fashion and technology.

It begins in 1888, when Max Kemper founded his first ring atelier in Dortmund upon completing his apprenticeship in Chemnitz. Within eight years, his success was such that he relocated to the Detmold premises that have remained our headquarters to this day.

Max Kemper Jr. took over from his father in 1923, but it was only after the turmoil of WWII that he was able to modernise the company. Together with his wife Louise, he built the family enterprise into one of the leading wedding ring manufacturers in Germany.

The term Ringfabrik, which we have proudly kept to this day, dates back to this period – a reminder of the hard work and many hands that have built our success, with manufacturing excellence at its very heart.

Since 2010, the fourth generation is at the helm of MAX KEMPER. Siblings Marc Richter and Julia Balestra took over from their mother Susanne Richter-Kemper, who led the company from 1983 onwards with great creativity. Her exceptional designs, and the technical know-how of her partner Karl-Heinz Gombert, shaped a significant chapter in the story of Max Kemper.

hard work and many hands have built our success, with manufacturing excellence at its very heart.

Marc manages the company with thirty years’ industry experience and an in-depth understanding of all commercial aspects of the business, while Julia’s aesthetic sensibility plays a key role in the design, product development and marketing of Max Kemper collections. When asked about the family trade, the siblings, who also happen to be twins, speak as one: “Our hearts beat for noble metals, gems and fine craftsmanship!”