Love & Engagement

The Max Kemper Solitaire is an elegant classic highlighting the beauty of a single stone as a fitting metaphor for a deeply personal choice. Inviting individual design decisions regarding the stone, cut, and band colour, each ring is unique.

We also believe in the joy of romance and, above all, the love of self we need to cultivate to be able to share it with others. The Max Kemper Mémoire, also known as an eternity ring, is a symbol of this eternal cycle, encircling the finger without beginning or end.

And as a sublimation of our passion for all things exceptional, a Max Kemper Nonpareil is no more, no less than it implies: a ring without equal. Our signature pieces are works of art in which design brilliance, technical virtuosity and rare gems conspire in equal measure to serve the highest tradition of haute joaillerie.

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